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Cyber Audit

We are doing our best to create a clean and transparent corporate culture by carrying out our duties ethically and legally and by establishing a mutually beneficial trading order.

Cyber audit will receive reports on facts that are in violation of corporate ethics such as misconduct of employees, improper demands, and unfair trade practices, and we will actively reflect the content of the report to maximize the competitiveness of the company.

  • Type of report

    Acts that cause loss to the Company due to intentional or gross negligence
    Abuse of the company's image by unlawful conduct
    Doing improper instructions from the superior in relation to its work
    To disadvantage the employer by ordering or refusing to take part in unlawful acts
    Disadvantageous treatment for reasons of refusal of unfair directive of the boss unrelated to work
    Sexual harassment and sex discrimination
    Acting disadvantageously against legitimate reporting behavior
    Acts in violation of import and export laws and trade ethics
    Do unfair rebates or bribery
    There is a possibility of occurrence of any other unjust situation

  • How to report

    Write and send the above violation of business ethics according to the below form
    Officer : CEO
    Address : (Wonshi-Dong) 167, Sansung-ro, Danwon-Gu, Ansan-Shi, Gyeonggi-Do, 15434, Korea
    E-main :
    Tel : 031-310-0010
    Fax: 031-495-6714

  • Protecting identity

    1. Secret protection

    The principle of confidentiality of the informant is strictly observed, and the disclosure of the identity of the informant is prohibited without the consent of the reporter.

    2. Guarantee of status

    We guarantee your identity so that disadvantages such as discipline and discrimination do not occur for reasons such as declaration or statement

    3. Accontability

    If the informer is found to have found his / her fault and error, the infringer may be alleviated or exempted from the discipline

  • Notice

    It may not be processed if the data is inaccurate or false, or if it is abusive or slanderous.
    The results of the report will be responded to as soon as possible and may take more than a week to complete

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